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Blogging is tougher than it looks. I hit a blogging rut. It happens to every blogger. Keeping content fresh, working on photography, networking and business meetings… it all gets a bit too much sometimes. I love blogging but I found that my creativity and motivation ran dry.

Tas EyeSpyBeauty

I took a break to pause and refocus. The time away from blogging helped me focus on my makeup work. More portfolio photo shoots, training and upskilling, and working on my photography.

The recent shoots have been more intense for me, as I’ve been shooting them myself as well as working hair, makeup and styling.

My passion for photography has been reignited. As I spent more time with my gorgeous children and my family, I realised how quickly my babies are growing up. I started capturing more intimate moments of them at park visits and picnics. There is a fine balance between living in the moment and enjoying the family time, and capturing these intimate moments in an unobtrusive way.

The blogging hiatus also forced me to get out and network more. Networking online is important, for sure, but there’s no substitute for getting out and meeting local creatives in person.

One of the blogging groups in my area has informal drop-in meetups where you can sit together and just work or have a wander together and just shoot. I reached out to the group and a few of us went on a wandering shoot session. This did wonders for my motivation and my confidence, both of which have been pretty low lately as my anxiety levels have been peaking.

Fresh off that high came the Hobbs Show. This is a cabaret style variety show held in Bristol annually, hosted by Doug Hobbs of Hobbs Hairstyling. My friend Grace was the makeup sponsor for this charity show and asked me to join her backstage team making up the performers and models. After the show, I felt invigorated as I was feeding off the backstage buzz and adrenaline.


All of these experiences reminded me what I love about being a makeup artist. I love every part of being in a creative industry and I started my blog to share that passion with you. Now I’m feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, I’m ready to invite you back to join me on my journey.