Waiting for my morning cuppa to cool down, I had a play with my hair to get it off my face while working (from home… so still in my pj’s). The result was this simple twisted fold braid that takes minutes… seconds really.


Here’s how to get the look.

1. Brush out any tangles and smooth the top of your hair. Use a brush if you want it to look more neat and polished, or use your fingers if you’re keeping it relaxed like I did (jim-jams optional).

2. Start high on your head for shorter hair, and for longer hair start as high or as low as you want. Take a medium-sized section of hair from either side of your head and cross them over at the middle. [I crossed them right over left.]

3. Add some more hair to each section and cross them over again in the same order as before. [I crossed right over left before, so repeated that again.]

4. Add some more hair to each section and cross them over again in the same order as before and keep going until you run out of hair. This should be about the time you reach the nape of your neck. [If you run out of hair before the nape, then you’ve added too much to each section. Try adding smaller amounts each time.]

5. Once you’re at the nape of the neck, tie off the braid with a clear/ hair-matched elastic, and you’re done.


There are any number of ways to finish the look, or you could keep it simple as a pony [as I did].

For long hair, you can curl sections of the remaining pony with a big-barrelled curling iron and loosen to give a soft finish. If you don’t want to curl, you could wrap the ponytail into a low bun, pinning into place with bobby pins/ kirby grips.

For shorter hair, you can tuck and pin the ends under the bottom of the braid to give a french-roll style.

For a flatter, more relaxed style use larger strands for fewer ‘nodes’ in the braid.

Have a play around and you can finish in different ways for different occasions. Let me know how it goes!