Ponytails don’t always have to be all business. They can be playful too.

Try this fun take on the classic pony: the bubble pony.


Here’s how to get the look.

1. Brush out tangles and pull hair into a high/ mid ponytail. Secure with a strong snagless band (my favourite are Goody Stay Put bands).

2. This style works best on hair with a bit of texture. If styling freshly washed hair, use a sea-salt spray or any other texturising spray down the lengths of the pony. Muss up the hair in the pony to add texture or lightly backcomb ponytail.

3. Take some small clear/ hair colour matched elastic bands and tie them at 2-3 inch intervals down the ponytail.

4. Take the first section (nearest the base of the pony) and pull/ puff out the hair in between the 2 bands. If hair is texturised, the bubble/ puffball shape will come naturally.

5. Repeat this pull/ puff for each of the sections of the pony.

6. Once each section is puffed as large and round as you want it, you’re done. The bigger the better principle applies.

Here’s the finished look.

For a more dramatic party look, add hair extensions to add thickness to hair. Look Magazine recently did a photoshoot with Rebecca Ferguson wearing a bubble pony. They added extensions and backcombed to add more volume to each bubble.


Have a go and let me know how it goes. Remember it’s a roughed up casual look so you don’t need to be too neat.