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Good afternoon ladies & gents!

Big news for little me… I’m now the newest member of the DESIblitz writing team!

DESIblitz is an online lifestyle magazine, aimed specifically at the Asian-Desi population, and not just NRI’s (Non-Resident Indians). The writers are a mixture of non-Desi and Desi, giving a fresh perspective on all topics from Arts & Culture, Bollywood, Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Music & Dance, Sport, Travel, as well as more controversial topics (see the Taboo section) and Brit-Asian specific issues.

You don’t have to be ‘Desi’ (i.e. have South-Asian roots) to get involved, reading articles, adding comments and joining in discussion. They hold competitions, feature interviews with top Desi stars, and keep you updated on the appenings of the Desi communities in the UK.

I’ve been talking to the editors for a few weeks now and have been working away quietly on my first piece. I didn’t want to jinx anything by publicising it too much until my first article was published and out there for all to see, and so have kept it quiet for the past month.

DESIblitz will be launching a series of articles and features about marriage and weddings, and my feature Top Asian Bridal Beauty Products has made the starting line-up. It’s not about Desi-specific products, so you may find a few products that you want to try out yourself. None of the products selected are specifically aimed at the Asian market, but they just happen to be very good on Asian skin tones. Please do take a look, if ytou haven’t already seen it, and if you like it, pelase do spread the links.



DESIblitz – the home of all things Desi

My mini-bio – me in 40 words or less

Top Asian Bridal Beauty Products – my first feature


Other awesome articles I’ve been reading this week:

The rising popularity of shisha – This is a trend that looks like it’s here to stay. I’ve not tried shisha and have never seen the appeal. I have been to parties or gatherings with family and friends where after dinner someone lights up the shisha, but it’s just never interested me. This article gave me insight into what makes it so popular.

Kalpana Shah and the whole nine yards – A saree is not just something you can throw on, it takes skill even for basic everyday wear. For Bollywood stars, their fashion and beauty team wiull include a designer, fashion stylist, hair-stylist  and make-up artist, but also lurking discretely in the background will be the professional Saree Draper. Kalpana has draped top Bollywood celebrities and has published a book giving us tips and ideas on how to glam ourselves up like the Bollywood stars.

A journey of Pakistans Food – Being the daughter of a Bengali restaurateur, I know a good curry when I taste it. As a wife and mother, I can cook a  few bad-ass dishes, and some that are just bad. I appreicate good food andlove a nice sindi biryani, but for the life of me couldn’t tell you where it’s from. Turns out, it’s a region in Pakistan, famed for it’s biryani. I had a good read, and let my mouth water…

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