Hot pink lips are very 2013. If you’ve not yet dared, then get on it and wear them with pride! Of course, those that know me, will know that I wear fuchsia lipstick all year round, even more so in the dead of winter, but maybe that’s just me. I have amassed so many hot pink lipsticks that I thought it was about time I compare & contrast.

MAC – Candy Yum Yum £15
Very matte, very neon and very pink. This high pigment shade gives a strong, opaque finish in just one coat. It is super matte and so should only be applied to well moisturised lips that have been exfoliated and buffed to remove all flaky, dry skin. Once applied, prepare to be noticed. Not a shade for wallflowers.


Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick – Fuchsia Flash/ Hot Plum/Pink Punch £7.19
Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks

It’s safe to say that Maybelline know how to make a fantastic hot pink lipstick or three. These gems are all part of the ColorSensational range (Fuchsia Flash and Hot Plum are from the Vivids range) and are just fabulous for the price. I wear these so often that I ended up making up a mini-palette for my handbag, with these three and a handful of other essential shades (see previous post – making a custom palette using Japonesque lip palette kit).

Fuchsia Flash is a vibrant satin finish neon pink. Think of it as a less matte Candy Yum Yum (Fuchsia Flash was of course first on the scene).

Pink Punch is a deeper fuchsia than Fuchsia Flash and is office ready, even for the most conservative city office. I wore this through to work most of last winter, amidst a few raised eyebrows but mostly compliments.

Hot Plum is a blue-toned pink with a hydrating satin finish. On the lip it looks similar to Fuchsia Flash but the key advantage is that Hot Plum’s blue undertones give the appearance of a whiter smile. Great news all round.


Maybelline 10H Stain Gloss – Forever Fuchsia £6.99

High pigment lip stain that builds up to high gloss finish with multiple coats. Applying in thin layers, allowing to dry between each layer makes 10h wear achievable.


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Lovesick £7.99
Sheer to medium cover lip balm that is absorbed easily by lips leaving an intense fuchsia longwear lip stain.


MUA lipstick in shade 3 £1

This is the best budget-buy lippie I own. The colour is rich and nicely pigmented. It doesn’t last too long, even after priming lips, but it’s so cheap I don’t mind re-applying every so often. It’s a nice finish and I tend to apply straight from the bullet. Great for when you’re on the go.



NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink £8 (currently on sale at £4)
Medium coverage lipstick with a vibrant hot pink finish on pale lips. My upper lip is darker than lower lip, and this could still be seen after 2 coats. Works best when lips are primed with foundation or concealer to even out natural lip pigmentation before applying the lipstick. It’s not highly pigmented but it’s average for NYX and other drugstore cosmetics brands. Cheap and cheerful.



What are your favourite shades?