My car broke down in December. Ouch.

So… I braved the cold and walked everywhere for a few weeks. I even got the kids in the habit of walking 40 minutes to school every day. By January, the kids had built their stamina and we were doing the same walk in 30 minutes, last week we even got it down to 25 minutes! Result!

I’ve fixed my car but we’ve kept walking. And it feels good.

I’ve just finished four weeks of a Step-Up Challenge at work. Teams of Four, 10,000 steps per person, per day, competing against other teams across the UK firm. Nothing too strenuous but it really brought out my competitive nature.

I want to keep up the good habits, so finally took the plunge and bought a fitness tracker. A budget model, yes, but it gets the job done. I bought the Aquarius AQ115 Fitness Tracker in rose gold with a mesh strap, which came in at £23.99 from Groupon (RRP £53.99).


  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned
  • Sleep tracking
  • Features pedometer, sedentary alert, clock, tap display, call, text and calendar alerts, camera selfie function, alarm clock, Twitter/ Facebook/ Whatsapp alerts
  • Water resistant, sweat proof, splash proof


After a week of switching my regular watch for my fitness tracker watch and tracking my steps, my dad spotted it on my wrist and now wants one. He used to be an avid walker, in fact, he inspired me to get walking for fitness after having my children. As his daily 2-3 mile walks fizzled out, I started to slack off too. I’ve since downloaded a step counter app on his phone to help spur him on and get back on the walking game.

Now I’m power-walking to and from work daily (6 miles round trip) and taking a brisk walk at lunch time, I’m seeing the positive effects already. My legs are more toned, my stamina & fitness levels are up, and both my sciatica and my asthma are under control. It’s a win-win all round and ties in nicely to my healthier eating over the past 2 years.

Here’s to the start of the healthier happier me!