Last month I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Fabi on my first fitness shoot. We shot with photographer Tony Browne in my local studio, Eyebox Studios Bristol.

Fitness shoots are a bit different to the fashion shoots I’ve worked on, so I really took it as a chance to develop and learn further.

The base was my signature glowing, dewy skin, with minimal colour elsewhere. I got a chance to really show off using highlighting and contouring to give subtle definition to the face. Oddly enough, what I liked most was the body contouring and highlighting. Added to that was the diy sweat (2 parts glycerin to 1 part water) and the bronzing cream strategically placed at points on arms & legs.

Tony, the photographer is recovering from shoulder surgery (not his clicking arm) and gave me a chance to learn more about lighting as I assisted him. I have gathered a lot of experience of how different makeup looks work under different lighting set-ups. This shoot was different in the sense that I was learning about how to adjust the light settings from a photographers perspective. Tony showed me how to adjust light settings, how to create the right angles for each shot, creating ‘shafts of light’, and most interestingly, using distance to create darkness. I really got a huge amount out of the shoot and would love to work with both Fabi and Tony again.

It was a really fun shoot and I’m so proud of the resulting images. I love these straight from camera, raw, unedited shots so much, I had to share!