Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2 years, you’ll know well-groomed brows are still a big deal. Whether you like your brows thin, thick, sleek or bushy, a little filling and grooming is essential for a polished look.


All of my favourite tweezers are from Tweezerman. No contest. At all.
Straight-forward. You just pluck out any stray hairs.
Downsides? You may get a little carried away and over-pluck.
It’s always best to take out a few hairs at a time when reshaping brows. The every so often take a step back from the mirror to check that the overall look and shape is going where you want it to. It’s all too easy to pluck every hair in sight when you’re up close to the mirror and not looking at the big picture.


After-tweeze balms

  • Shavata balm
  • Tweezerman AfterTweeze
  • Aloe Vera gel

Tweezing or threading can be painful. Yes. I’ve said it. It hurts. These balms/ gels calm the skin down and have anti-septic properties that ensure that no bacteria gets into the skin (causing spots and blemishes), which is now probably quite red/ raw.


What next?

Then comes the filling in of sparse areas. Here’s where it can get confusing.

Traditionally brow pencils and tweezers have been the staple grooming buddy, followed by brow powders and waxes. Cosmetics companies have jumped on the trend for thicker brows that you can groom at home… enter brow pomades and gels. What’s the big deal? Why switch from regular pencil & powders? Which products are easier to use? There’s too many choices! Help!

Woah! Calm down. I’m here to help you.


Brow pencils

These are waxy pencils that you use in light feathery strokes to fill in sparse areas. They are best used in short, light strokes, in the same direction as the brow hairs. Think of it as a pencil sketch rather than a colouring-in exercise.

My faves

  • Body Shop brow pencil – the best shade for blond hair. Even the lightest shade in other brands (yes, even Anastasia Brow Wiz, Ash Blonde) is too dark for many of my fair-haired clients. The Body Shop have a  really beautiful ‘true blonde’ pencil.
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz – so light and fine a pencil that you can’t go wrong when applying this. You’d have to be really heavy-handed and ‘colouring-in’ to make a mistake with this.


Brow kits

These are usually 2-3 powders with a little gel or wax product to use either before/ after to help set the powder. The brushes that come with it are usually too short, but you can pick up a long-handled angled brow brush for under a fiver these days, and I recommend that you do just that. You dip angled brow brush in the powder and just apply in short feathery strokes to the brow. I usually start in the middle of the brow, where it starts to get thin, and work to the outer corner. I don’t usually fill in the centre of the brows as it can look too harsh.

My faves

  • Gosh Brow Kit – mini, handy and well pigmented.
  • Sleek Brow Kit – mini, handy and well pigmented, but they could do with a few more shades for lighter brown and blond brows.
  • Look Brow Kit – 5 brow shades, plus a gel, plus stencils and a decent sized mirror. Perfection.
  • Viseart Matte Neutrals eyeshadow palette – any matte shadow can be used, but I find that the shades in this palette cover the lightest blonds, to the darkest brunetets but also caters for redheads along the way too. Redheads can get a much more natural finish blending one of the brick shades with brown to mimic the specific tones of their natural hair. Pencils only come in standard blonde/taupe, browns or black.


Gel/ Mousse

These have really rocketed in popularity thanks to Instagram and the army of InstaMUA’s that have been endorsing Anastasia’s Dip Brow Pomade. The forerunner, and pro make-up artist favourite is the MUFE Aqua Brow. You can also get the handy, easy to use brow gels in mascara bottles. Maybelline make this in 3 shades, but I’m not a fan of these. They don’t really fill in the brows, rather they are tinted brow gels to tame brows and keep them in place.

My faves

  • MUFE Aqua Brow – takes a little practice as a teeny tiny bit goes a long way. It is waterproof and VERY long-lasting. It takes practice, but the end results once you have mastered it are amazing, and great for underwater shoots (I’d love to do an underwater shoot one day). The shades I bought are quite dark, but once I’ve got a few more lighter shades, I’ll be using this on most brides.
  • Anastasia Dip Brow – much easier to use but it can look a bit too opaque. Most InstaMUA’s love the big brow look so it works for them. I prefer natural brows, and most of my brides do too, so I use this with a very light hand and only fill in where needed. I don’t tend to overdraw the brows or thicken them, I stick to filling in sparse areas for a natural look.


So that’s a brow product 101. I suggest that you start with pencils and once you’ve got that down pat, and you want longer-wearing or water-resist brows then experiment with the other products. Either way, your brows are unique to you, so don’t worry if you don’t have the shape that someone else thinks is perfect. Your brows frame your features, and everyone has different features, so it follows that not every brow should be the same.

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