When it comes to family, quality time trumps quantity every time. How do you keep close and reconnect with your family?

One of my family favourites is my weekly movie night with my 2 children. It’s just a lovely way to unwind each Friday night and share our interests. We’re all big Disney fans and have amassed a sizeable collection, with Beauty & The Beast, Big Hero Six, Lion King, and Tangled being among our favourites.

Family movie night has been a lovely way for us to share our interests, and for me to share some of my own childhood favourites, like Labyrinth, and Star Wars.

We take turns to choose the film and we have three simple rules.

1. We watch it together.

2. No laughing over or ridiculing someone elses film choice. If you don’t like it we talk about why at the end but we don’t ruin it by whining during the film.

3. No phones or iPad distractions.
Even me. Removing distractions has created a sense of mutual respect and closeness between us.

3 different varieties of popcorn (sweet, salted, peppered), dimmed lights and a big family cuddle on the sofa is all we need for our family night in. My children are 5 and 7 now and we’ve held our movie nights since we moved into our own home nearly 2 years ago. I hope we keep going until they’re uber-cool twenty-somethings and I’m old & grey.