Chinese lashes

I’ve not worn false lashes in years. No joke. Other than a brush with individual lash extensions about 4 years back, the last time I wore false lashes was when I was at LCF for my make-up training back in 2009. I’ve been using false lashes on my clients for years and recently they’ve all been asking for really natural-looking strip lashes. I use these multipack lashes from China. I went through a lot of duds before I found these soft and subtle synthetic lashes.

False lashes

It occurred to me hat I’ve never actually tried them myself, so I took the opportunity to glam up a little for Bristol Fashion Week, lashes and all. I snipped the excess band, and then cut the lashes into two pieces. I then applied the outer edge first and then the inner edge, with a slight overlap in the centre. This makes them easier to apply, minimises fuss with measuring and trimming to size, and also creates a rounder wide-eyed look. This method isn’t suitable if you want a more cat-eye or flicked look.


The end result was naturally fuller looking lashes, which didn’t look like obvious falsies.

Chinese lashesChinese lashes Chinese lashes

It was quite nice to have my ‘old’ lashes back as before I had my lash extension disasters in 2012, I had really nice, long and thick lashes. I just got greedy and wanted more and ended up damaging my lashes and they’ve never grown back to their full glory. This gave me that same look and though it took a bit of getting used to the extra weight, I probably would wear them again for weddings and parties.

False lashes