As a teenager growing up in the 90’s, my trusty Dewberry body spray and Kiwi lip balm were my school bag heroes.

My first items of makeup were The Body Shop eye shadow crayons and their lip gloss.


Photo courtesy of eBay. All rights reserved. ©eBay 2012

The Body Shop makeup parties were the birthday choice of the ‘popular’ girls at school. I was firmly in the geek category but this didn’t stop me from experimenting with The Body Shop makeup at the age of 16. That was when I started wearing makeup regularly and I was focused on building my confidence ready for leaving the (relative) safety of sixth form and joining the big bad world.

After leaving school at 18 I ‘graduated’ from The Body Shop and moved on to products that I perceived were more for adults. Here is where I parted ways with my old friend The Body Shop, and we didn’t see each other for about 6 or 7 years.

What brought me back? I must have been 24 or 25 when one rainy day, I took refuge in a local Body Shop store to escape a sudden downpour. I wandered around, sniffing and touching the different products on offer. Visiting The Body Shop has always been quite a sensory experience, with lots to touch and feel. Some of the smells and scents are so tempting that it’s hard to hold back from tasting.

What caught my attention that day was the Olive range. At the time, I had very dry skin on my handshake body and needed some intense all over hydration. A 3 for 2 offer resulted in me walking out very pleased with my Olive body butter, Olive shower gel and the hemp exfoliating mitt.


Left: photo courtesy of The Body Shop. All rights reserved. ©The Body Shop 2012
Right: ©Eyespybeauty 2012

After showering the next morning my skin felt amazingly soft and smooth. My skin already felt less dry and tight and after applying the body butter, my thirsty skin drank it all in one big gulp. I used these 3 products every time I bathed and within weeks my dry skin had disappeared to leave behind baby-soft, supple skin. I’ve been using the Olive body butter and shower gel for the past five years.


Photos courtesy of The Body Shop. All rights reserved. ©The Body Shop 2012

Earlier this year I moved back to my home town of Bristol and lost the convenience of having The Body Shop on my Ilford doorstep. After running out of my Olive body treats I got lazy and didn’t get back to The Body Shop for some months. My skin had started to get dry again, especially after a heavy gym session. On Monday evening I missed my regular train from Paddington and so had time to kill. How better to spend it than with my old faithful friend, The Body Shop.


Pic: The outcome of my recent Body Shop spree ©Eyespybeauty 2012

So there it is. My love for The Body Shop has re-awakened and it’s as fervent as ever.

All of my old favourites have been discontinued and I have scoured the www to find photos but have had no luck. I would have loved to add photos for nostalgic purposes. If you have any photos of the kiwi lip balm or dewberry body spray I would be very grateful. All pictures will be credited.