I’m angry.  Very angry. Actually I’m raging. Why?


And this.

And this.

http://www.responsibleelectives.org/images <--- Obviously fake as most are the private labelled palettes that we all know are made on the cheap with substandard ingredients. Sadly it goes on and on. Fake (unlicensed) make-up parading as branded make-up. image

My make-up kit is stocked with only licensed products. So why do I care what other people sell/ buy?

Here’s why.


You have NO IDEA what is really in these fake products.

Simple example, what if one of these fake lipsticks used almond oil to add to the moisturising properties? With the prevalence of nut allergies, the consequences can be fatal.

What actually is in these counterfeit products? Lead? Arsenic? It could be anything.

What can we do about it?

To report counterfeits, please call 0870 034 6700 and ask to speak with the trade mark security team or email counterfeitinquirymac@mac-cosmetics.co.uk. The following information is helpful to us when trying to take action against a counterfeiter:
-Location Name and Address
-Type of Location (eBay, independent boutique, unauthorised retailer, etc.)
-Product Being Sold
-Details of any Trade Marks (the M·A·C logo or specific designs).

So next time you are tempted by cheap branded make-up, remember, if it’s cheap as chips, it’ll be a knock-off. Don’t take that risk.