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Hello and welcome to 2018! I’ve been slow posting lately as I’ve been making a few changes.

TCBeauty photoshoot

The stunning location for a recent photoshoot for magazine submission. I can’t share the shoot images yet but here’s a little glimpse into my world.

I looked back at my earlier blog posts from 2013/ 2014 and… damn… they were really detailed and informative. The photography needed improvement but the content was more in-depth than the reviews I’ve been doing lately.

Kiko Cosmetics

I love the reviews and from the comments I get on my Twitter and email, you guys do too. I’m not letting go of the reviews but we’ll have a greater balance of knowledge, reviews, how-to’s and lifestyle.

Bridal makeup favourites

Let me know how you like the new styles. I blog for you, so feedback is always welcome!

On location