Eyeliner can be tricky… there are so many choices… pencil, gel, kohl, liquid, felt tip, cone kajal… where do you start?

Firstly it depends on how steady your hands are.
Cone kajals are easiest for novices to use, liquid liners are the trickiest. Then you need to consider the look you’re going for.

  • Pencil liners give a soft, precise but blendable line and can be used to soften smokey eye looks.
  • Kohl often gives a less precise line than regular pencils, but are a lot easier to smudge or smoke out.
  • Liquid liners give a very precise, fluid, solid line that gives a more defined flick.
  • Felt tip liners are less messy than liquid liners and just as good at getting a defined, even flick. The downside is that the pigmentation is more hit-and-miss than liquid liners, and so you have to try out a few to find one that gives good solid colour.
  • Gel liners are the most versatile, as they come in water-proof/ water-resistant/ wash-off formulae and the application precision really depends upon the brush you use. I prefer to apply my gel- liners using an angled pointed eyeliner brush to get a smooth line, close to the eye and a perfect cat-eye flick too.
  • Cone kajals are wax-based and prone to smudging. If you want a softly blended line or want to use in smokey eye looks, then these are very easy to use for novices. Most are safe for the waterline too, and so you can apply quickly and easily by placing the tip in the outer corner of your eye, closing the eye and then running the cone (at an angle to retain the shape) along the top waterline and then the bottom once or twice. You’ll be done in seconds.

Pencil liners


Felt-tipped liners


Cone kajal liners




What’s your weapon of choice? Let me know in the comments below xx

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