About 18 months ago Urban Decay launched their first BB cream. I liked it (http://eyespybeauty.co.uk/2013/02/14/first-look-urban-decay-naked-skin-beauty-balm) but wasn’t overly impressed with their one size fits all thinking.

When the US received 2 new shades onto the market, I sat back slightly jealous. But no more, as they are here. Now.

The original Beauty Balm thinly applied it made me look moisturised,  nothing more than that. The shade was okay for my winter skintone but is unwearable in summer as I tan very easily, even with high daily spf. This is why the Bronzing Balm appealed to me. It’s not too dark and the best part is that it’s a matte bronzer.

I mix 2/3 original BB to 1/3 Bronzing Balm and slip it on in a thin layer. My skin is in much better condition than it was in February 2013 and so I can get away with wearing just BB cream these days without anyone thinking I’m poorly. A touch of colour corrector on my dark circles and a light dusting of powder makes up my daily face (below).

Moving on to the Illuminating Beauty Balm.  This is ever so slightly shimmery but isn’t over the top. I use it more as an additive to my regular foundation when I’m going to a party and just want a little glow to my skin. I use this a lot less than the Bronzing Balm but have on occasion added a touch of the Illuminating Beauty Balm above my cheekbones to catch the light. It’s nice but for my skin tone,  peachy illuminators (MAC Recharge is great for Asian skin) or coppery highlighters (Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora) work best.

Here they are side by side. To be honest there’s not a significant difference between the Illuminating Balm and the Original Balm. It’s just a slight difference in undertone and the touches of shimmer that differentiate the two.

At £23 I can’t help feeling it’s a bit steep but it does pack 35ml in which is about same as a full bottle of foundation.  That said, MAC Face & Body is £21.50 for 50ml so is better value and much more versatile. I feel another product review coming on… soon.

I’d be interested to see how these work on different skin tones and whether you think they’re worth the price.