The Curve Eyeliner is the last item remaining to review from my pre-Christmas NYX haul.

Eyeliner is my one makeup demon. My control using liquid liners isn’t great. I tend to use pencil eyeliner for a natural look or gel liner for flicks and wings.

Felt tip liners are easier to use but I’ve been disappointed in the past by poor longevity, watery formulas or drying out too quickly. All of my old felt tip liners have long since been tossed out. So is The Curve a bin or buy?

Price: £12.50
Weight/ volume: 0.31 oz/ 8.84g
Shades: 1
My shade: Jet Black
Features: fine-tipped pen liner with ergonomic curved handle
Purchased/ sample: Purchased from NYX online

Sales blurb:
An innovative, ergonomic shape that makes applying liquid liner mistake-proof. The grip zone provides just the right hold to make application precise, secure and best of all… effortless!

Express review
+ Easy to control whether using a light hand or applying more pressure. I haven’t been able to get my double-winged look right before. I got there on my second try with The Curve.

+ Precision tip facilitates both thin and thick liner and everything on between.

+ Good strong colour and consistency gives even coverage without gaps, and isn’t runny at all.

+ Easy to remove as it comes off easily in a few swipes of a cosmetic wipe or cotton wool with remover.

Only available in black. More colours in the range would be great as the ease of control allows you to be more creative with your looks. Some really vibrant shades in neon or bright colours would look amazing.

The price is just too high for a regular felt tip eyeliner.


Yay or nay
While it’s a good felt-tip liner, it’s just too expensive to purchase just for the shape. If you can afford to splash out then definitely do. Otherwise wait and buy it as part of a deal or on sale.

If it’s out of your budget, then get practising feline flicks with a cheaper felt liner like MeMeMe Sweep Precision Eye Definer (£6.50) or Topshop’s liquid eyeliner (£5). Just as high quality but without the ease of the curve shape.

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