Liquid lip colour has been a must-have in make-up bags for the past 7 years. Of course liquid lipsticks have been around for much longer than that, but their formulae have improved significantly over time.

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Since 2009 the beauty world has been flooded with new entrants to the liquid lip arena, which in 2016 has become a well and truly saturated market. I’ve tried/ hated, worn/ loved many different liquid lip colours over the years and my handbag staples are NYX Matte Lip Cream, MUA Luxe lip lacquer, and OCC lip tars. Those three have me covered for all my matte lips needs. So why was I tempted by the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Paint?

To be honest, having a purse-friendly Ready To Wear alternative to OCC lip tars is pretty enticing. I know that OCC now have a RTW range but I don’t want to repurchase my shades when I have so much left in the old tubes. A cheaper alternative sounds good, right?

Price: £4.99 (but currently buy one get one half price at Boots, so £7.48 for 2)

Volume: 6.4ml

Shades: 5 UK shades: Fight Me Fuchsia (Fuchsia pink), Gloss Reddy (Red), Stripped Down (Nude Peach), Never Bare (Nude Pink), Vamped Up (Violet)

BlurbGo beyond gloss with a jolt of intense color. Maybelline’s vibrant lip paint delivers 8x more pigment in every drop.

Ingredients: TBC


Color Drama Lip Paint


The lowdown

I bought two shades of the Maybelline Lip Paint: shade 610, Stripped Down (see pic below – right) is a peachy nude tone; and shade 110, Never Bare (see pic below – left) a soft pink that can be worn lightly as a nude pink, or more opaquely as a candy pink.

L'Oreal Lip Paint

What I love about these is the hybrid between doe-foot and traditional gloss applicator. It makes application precise and smooth, without the gloopy mess that you can get with just the standard gloss tube applicators. While this works for personal use, applying direct with the doe foot is not suitable to use for clients. It’s best to squirt onto a palette and apply with a disposable doe foot wand or lip brush. This packaging gives you the flexibility to use either method, built-in applicator or a separate lip brush.

L'Oreal Lip Paint

I moisturise my lips prior to applying any lip product, especially mattes. I lightly apply Lanolips or Dr Lipp to my lips before cleansing my face, and then I cleanse, tone etc and apply all other make-up before finishing with my lips. This allows time for lip salves to be absorbed into the lips without leaving a greasy or glossy residue, after blotting off any excess. I find my lips are well-moisturised and then ready for my NYX lip cream/ MUA Luxe/ OCC. I can wear those for 8-10 hours without touch-ups and my lips are just as hydrated at the end of the day as the beginning.

On to the trial. I followed my normal lip moisturising routine, and then applied Stripped Down at 9.30am. At 2.30pm when I looked in the mirror, I was pleased to see that the colour was all still intact through eating, drinking and lot of kissing babies (I was attending a baby’s Christening party). Looking good so far.

It was a shame then that the Maybelline Lip Paint couldn’t keep upon the dryness front. My lips felt pretty dry from about 11am, and by 2.30pm, though the colour was still there, the texture was visibly dry and felt awful. Not great, when compared with NYX, MUA Luxe and OCC. That said the Maybelline Lip Paint performed better than the old Maybelline Superstay which usually need topping up with moisture otherwise they crack and flake off on my lips.

L'Oreal Lip Paint

The Verdict

Maybelline Lip Paints have smoother and more pigmented colour than the Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Cream and more longevity than the Maybelline Superstay lip colours and are a better price point than both of those. That said, both shades I tried performed below the high expectations set by other brands. I’ll use this up if I can, but I won’t be replacing my OCC Lip Tars any time soon.


EDIT: 17/12/16 I’ve recently dug this out again and worn it for work over e past week (my OCC lip tars were trapped in my car for a week!) With the same prep above i.e. Lanolips, I have managed to get this to stay out for about 5 hours before touch-ups are needed. I don’t mind a midday touch-up at work as long as I don’t need my brushes and the doe-foot works well on-the-go. I still won’t be replacing my lips tars for long-wear use or use in my kit, but as an everyday cheaper alternative for personal use, I really rate this.