Matte skin, matte nails, matte lips. It seems to be all I talk about these days… until I reorganised my make-up kit and found these brand new & sealed beauties I bought a few months ago. Result!


Hot pink lips are my thing right now and I’ve been rocking matte for months now. These vibrant, well pigmented hot pink glosses from NYX’s Mega Shine Lipgloss collection are now my favourite day to night switch up. These two shades are African Queen (top) and Dolly Pink (bottom).

Here’s a quick swatch so you can see how vibrant they look on the skin. As you can see, they’re not for shy retiring types as these lip glosses pack a pretty big punch. African Queen is a vibrant purple-tinged fuchsia, while Dolly Pink is a softer but punchy Barbie pink shade. They cost £6 for 15ml and have the usual sponge tip applicator built in. I prefer to smear a blob onto a palette and apply with an angled lip brush for more precise application.

image African Queen (top) and Dolly Pink (bottom)


Inspired by my new found love for fuchsia gloss, I couldn’t pass up this brand new shade from Revlon. The Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Adorned has more sparkle than the NYX shades but is still just as wearable.

It is pricier than the NYX glosses by a long shot. While it’s priced a penny cheaper than NYX at £5.99, you only get 5ml of product compared to NYX’s 15ml. It’s got small shimmer particles throughout that really haven’t captured well on camera but in the flesh it really gives a gorgeous slick glossy look. Here it is on the lip.


If, like me you’ve fallen in love with matte fuchsia over the summer, shake it up a little and swap your matte fuchsia  for a slick of gloss for a super glam evening look.

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