Skincare is becoming a little bit of an obsession with me right now. Every year as we head into spring I pare down my make-up routine and hit the skincare. The better your skin, the less make-up you’ll need. Even as an acne sufferer I feel confident enough to ditch my winter full cover and switch to medium formulas.

Here’s another of my pregnancy skincare saviours, Eve Lom’s TLC cream.


Not only is it a great intensive hydration moisturiser, it has the best facial moisturiser application advice. Don’t rub into skin. Dab cream onto hands and gently press onto skin. This is also the advice given by the Clarins cousins (granddaughters of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder of skincare brand Clarins) a few weeks ago in Look Magazine.

This cream is for intense hydration and so it’s quite thick. It is however, more of a night cream as it’s very waxy and is absorbed slowly into the skin. The waxy formula does really leave your skin looking really radiant and feeling very supple.

The rose extracts give it the most beautiful fragrance. I love roses but the scent can be a little overbearing for some.

With anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Arnica and Calendula it is soothing and skin calming. The TLC cream is low in chemical ingredients which is great for those with sensitive skin and expectant mothers worried about using heavy chemicals in cosmetics. The downside to having very few chemicals and specifically preservatives, is that it has an expiry date of just 6 months. If you’re laid back when it comes to make-up and skincare expiry dates, first please read this and this, then take a look at what happens to the cream if you ignore the expiry…

What happens? The formula starts separating after about 9 months or so depending on storage conditions. This was a shame for me as I still have lots left but have had to throw away after 9 months of occasional use. Serves me right for not checking the expiry when I bought it. I had just assumed it had a 12-24 month expiry as with most other moisturisers.

FYI: Organic make-up also expires after 6 months due to not having chemical preservatives.

All in all it’s an amazing cream, albeit a bit pricey but is worth it if you’re using daily, and prefer natural ingredient skincare.

Available from SpaceNK, John Lewis, LookFantastic and direct from Eve Lom. RRP £55 for 50ml.

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