Over the past 2 years, I’ve been downsizing my hairstyling kit. I can’t always drive to bookings, particularly fashion shows, as there is so little parking at the Central London locations. Any bag or trolley on wheels helps me pack lots in, but is a nightmare when carrying up and down tube steps.

Then I found this.

A fellow artist in a pro group online had just bought one of these and was recommending it to the group. The question is, could I fit all of my hair essentials in it?

Challenge accepted…

…  a week later it arrived. Here’s how I fared.

Yup… I did it. But what’s inside?


  • Bellami 6-in-1 hair curling tool
  • GHD original straighteners
  • Babyliss root crimper
  • Babyliss ceramic airstyler/ roller brush
  • Diva mini hairdryer
  • hair pin kit boxes x3
  • teasing brushes x5
  • pintail combs x5
  • wide tooth comb x1
  • metal pin combs x3


How the bleeding ‘eck did I get all that in there? /mockney_accent

Layer one has my GHD straighteners and a Babyliss root crimper. It also has 5 of my 6 attachments for my Bellami 6-in-1 styling tool.

Layer two has my brushes and combs, and 2 heat-proof mats.

Underneath the heatproof mats are my Bellami wand (the base for the 6-in-1 tool), Babyliss Hot Air brush, a Diva mini hairdryer plus diffuser, and 3 sets of pin boxes.

I have a pin box with my blonde/ gold grips and pins, one for my bronze/ brown grips and pins, and one for the black, with a few two-prong clips and a few other essentials as well.

That’s pretty much my hair kit essentials except for my styling product themselves. I now need to find a way to squeeze in my essential styling products… or maybe that’s asking a little too much. My small MAC train case will do for that.

How do you organise your hair kit? Share your pictures on the socials!

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