What do you get when you cross a goldfish bowl and a hand whisk?

Me, I get nothing. But Tom Pellereau (of Apprentice fame) gets this.

StylPro brush cleaner


Tom’s original StylFile nail accessory line is among QVC’s best-sellers. Tom came back in 2016 with the killer launch of his new invention, Tom Pellereau’s StylPro. Tom is undoubtedly one of Alan Sugar’s most successful Apprentices, and it’ easy to see why. He takes niche problems and comes up with interesting solutions.



Personally I quite like the process of cleaning my brushes by hand. It’s therapeutic. But not everyone loves a date with a bar of goats milk brush cleaning soap and the bathroom sink.


Yup, I really am.

StylPro eyespybeauty


The StylPro aims to clean more effectively, more efficiently, and quicker than manual cleaning. So here’s what you get in the kit.

StylPro eyespybeauty

StylPro cleaner, glass bowl, StylPro wand and spindle, multiple brush holders

Here’s how it works…

Pop a little of the StylPro brush cleaner (or your preferred brush cleanser) in the glass bowl. Grab a dirty makeup brush and attach to the brush head that is closest in size, then attach the brush & head to the StylPro spindle. Gently lower the brush head into the cleaner, and switch on the StylPro. It spins superfast, while cleaning the brush. Then lift the brush out of the solution and let it keep spinning as it dries.

Amazing idea. But does it work in practice?


The acid test

I’ve seen so many demos of the StylPro where people take a clean brush, and swish it in a little powder blusher and wave it at you saying ‘look how dirty it is!’

Bitch, please. Powder comes off with a Vera Mona Colour Switch wire-scouring-pad thing, or a quick wipe on a clean tissue, no water needed.

Now you all know that I’m 100% honest in my reviews, so if I trial a product, I’m bloody well going to do it properly. Here are my brushes after a triple makeup booking…

StylPro eyespybeauty

A mixture of powder, cream and liquid product applied with a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles.


Here’s how they fared…

StylPro eyespybeauty

After 2 washes with StylPro cleanser and a water rinse

StylPro eyespybeauty

After 1 wash with Micellar gel & water mix, and 1 water rinse

What worked: Powder on synthetic brushes, powder on natural brushes, liquid on synthetic brushes.
What didn’t: Liquid/ cream on natural brushes, cream on synthetic brushes.


Who is StylPro for?

Sadly, not me.

I wanted to love this, I really did, but it just didn’t save me time nor did it clean my full set of brushes as well as manual cleaning. I had multiple issues with the StylPro and it wasn’t just time.


The brush heads

There are multiple sizes but whether they fit will depend on the shape of the brush base. Don’t even try to fit a Real Techniques Bold Metals brush in any of the holders, as they have a tapered handle so just won’t fit. Also, they’re weighted, so if you do get one to fit, it will fall out pretty quick.

One of  my Real Techiques eye shader brushes snapped at the black base of the handle when I tried to remove it. This pissed me off as it actually cleaned up really well.


The cleaner

The StylPro cleaner left an oily residue on the brushes, and there is no way that I could then use it straight after on a client. It needs a good rinse in water after washing in the StylPro cleaner. You can then use the StylPro to dry the brushes and it works really well on fluffy brushes but not so well on densely packed brushes.

I then used the Beauty Blender liquid cleanser, which was much better but obviously still needs rinsing afterward.

The best cleanser with this was micellar water or micellar gel mixed with warm water, but this still only worked on the fluffy brushes. There was still product on the middle of the dense brushes. StylPro did a good job but not good enough for me to use straight away on clients, or myself for that matter.


The process

Once you turn the Stylpro on, no matter how small an amount of liquid you place in the bowl, it will swish up and get into the brush ferrule. Any makeup artist knows that’s  big no-no. Once you get water in the ferrule, unless it dries out very quickly, the glue will loosen the bristles in the ferrule… and once you get a few hairs shedding, the rest will follow. I lose another Real Techniques eye shade like this. So I stopped the trial. I lost 2 good brushes and decided I wasn’t going to risk any of my high end brushes going the same way.

StylPro eyespybeauty

The verdict

Well, I will be keeping my StylPro but mainly to use as a quick water rinse & dry after spot cleaning my brushes with IPA or Parian Spirit. It is good for drying fluffy brushes quickly but you do have to reshape as it dries. Those are the brushes that take longest to air-dry, so in spite of my issues above, the StylPro still has it’s uses.

As a gratis for product review, it’s not bad. If I had bought the StylPro for £50, then I would have been disappointed with the overall effectiveness.