Whether you’re a make-up artist, enthusiast, or regular make-up wearer, regular brush cleaning is essential to prevent bacteria build-up transferring onto your face every item you use your brushes. The question clients always ask me is how I clean my brushes. I used to use Johnsons Baby Shampoo. This was for 2 reasons, firstly, no more tears means it’s safe to use on eye brushes; secondly it dissolves and removes grease-based products really well (like dissolving grease in hair). The downside is that you need to really soak the brushes and then work the shampoo into the bristles to get them clean. This has been a little rough on some of my brushes which have started to shed, and also it just takes bloody ages to dry in between jobs!

Enter goats milk cleansers!

The first one I had heard of was the Japonesque solid cleanser, which is a bit pricey at £16, so I had never tried it. At UMAExpo earlier this year, Love Make-Up were selling Jessica Och’s brand, Clean Brush for about 8 or 9 quid (rrp £12). I chose the Rose scented cleaner and off I went.


These are really easy to use, you honestly do just wet brush (no need to soak it, a little water will do), wet soap (a little water will do, no need to drown it), then swoosh brush around in soap until it comes clean. I tend to swoosh in soap and once it’s got a decent amount of soap on brush, I just swirl around on my palm to loosen the make-up grime and pigment. Then I rinse and lay flat to dry as usual.


I love that my brushes dry so much faster as I’m not needing to drench them in water before shampooing, and the brush fibres are left so soft and just like new. The goats milks shampoo works for synthetic brush hair as well as natural brush hair. The acid test came after an experimental lip art session with my OCC lip tars, and Lime Crime Velvetine covered brushes. No sweat. Well, the brushes took 2 washes, but every last trace of the very highly pigmented colours came out of every brush. Fantastic.


I wash my professional brushes after every shoot or booking, and my own personal make-up brushes once a week. I’ve got through about half of the soap since April, which is pretty good going.



Yay or nay

Hell yeah. These are great for pros or casual make-up wearers. So many subtle scents to choose from, and they really do work. £12 for 2 oz is great value as well (Japonesque is £16 for 2 oz, London Brush Co £16 for 1 oz) Available at £11.95 for 2oz, or £15.95 for 4oz.