Q: Foundation – which shade/ colour is right for me?

A: The first thing to note is that your face colour and neck colour are not usually the same. Don’t believe me? Take a quick peek in the mirror…

… aaaaand we’re back. Now I have your attention again… I’ll carry on.

Most people will first try and match foundation colour to their face. This will give you an even face colour, but will then not match your neck. You can overcome this problem by putting foundation on the neck, décolletage and any other areas you wish. The disadvantage of this is that the more foundation that you wear, the more likely it is to ‘slip’ or ‘melt’ in heat, especially around the neck area. Try to wear as little foundation as possible, to allow your skin to breathe.

I prefer matching your foundation colour to your neck colour. This will mean that you won’t need to put lots of foundation on your neck area; a small amount will be more than enough to even out the colour.

Okay, we’ve got it, match foundation to neck, not face. What’s next?

Once you have decided whether you want to match the foundation colour of your face or neck, you then need to work out which shade to use.

Take 3 shades where the neat product best matches your skin tone in natural light. Often the store will be lit using electrical lighting, which will make your skin colour look a different shade than under natural light.

[TIP: Don’t be afraid to take the colours/ samples and hold in the natural light near the shop window to see the true colour.]

Once you have the shades/ tones that best match your skin tone in natural light, apply 3 stripes to your skin, near the jaw line or actually on the neck. I always swatch on my neck, as I am prone to acne breakouts and am always super-cautious about applying testers on my skin.

[TIP: Make sure the stripes are sufficiently far apart for you to be able to tell the difference between them.]

Gently blend the foundation stripes down into the jaw line/ on your neck. The colour which looks almost invisible on your skin is the right shade for you.

If none of the three look right, then try one shade darker and one shade lighter than the three you currently have. Repeat the same ‘swatch on neck’ procedure and you’ll be able to determine of those, which suits you best.

If anyone has any comments on any of the above, post them here.