Here’s a quick pastel ombre lip I created while rediscovering a few forgotten make-up gems.


Created using:

  • Barry M Kohl pencil in shade 23 (pink)
  • Barry M Kohl pencil in shade 13 (mint green)
  • Lanolips 101 ointment

Barry M Kohl pencils


Step by step

  1. Line and fill the outer third with the mint green/ aqua kohl pencil.
  2. Take a clean lip brush and lightly buff out the inner edges of the mint/aqua kohl for a softer edge.
  3. Then line and fill the inner third with pink kohl pencil.
  4. Taking the same blending lip brush from earlier, lightly blend the pink into the edges of the softened mint/ aqua kohl.
  5. Once you’ve got the desired gradient, press a tiny amount of Lanolips over the centre of the lips and pat lightly outwards to the corners.


And that’s it. A 2-minute candy ombre lip.