Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins

No one has a perfectly symmetrical face. So it stands to reason that no two brows should be symmetrical.

In our quest for symmetry often we’ll be over-zealous in our plucking. Choosing to emulate the brows of celebrities also comes with a warning: the celebrity’s brow shape will be groomed to suit her face shape, not yours. The end result can look very different.

Choose a brow shape that frames your face and works with your face shape, not against it.

Here are some common brow shapes to give you ideas before you settle on the best-fit brow for you.




What is the best-fit for me?
This will be highly influenced by your face shape.

If you want to make a round face appear less round, and more oval, try a high arch with a strong angle. Rounded brows will only make the face look rounder.

If you have a strong jawline or pointy chin (common with diamond, heart or square face shapes), then a softly curved arch will be most flattering. Harsh angles will mimic (and therefore draw more attention to) the sharper edges/ angles of the face.

If you want to make a long, narrow face appear shorter, a flatter eyebrow without strong angles will work best. A rounded arch or high arch will create more ‘space’ between the eye and the brow, elongating the face further.

Be careful with your brows as over-zealous plucking can lead to a questionable result.

Brows are very personal and who am I to judge who has good or bad brows. I have singled out the above pictures as I personally don’t think they work best for those individuals. It may be exactly what they were going for, and the women themselves like it, which is what really matters. Consider my words as advice, not gospel. If you like string brows, tadpole brows or mega-arches, then rock them. If you want a more natural look then go with a regular arch, soft arch or flat brow. The choice is yours.

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