As a make-up artist and stylist for fashion & bridal shoots, I am always on the lookout for quality outfits for use on set, that don’t cost a fortune. Recently, I was tasked with sourcing outfits for a few bridal shoots; one of my own, and two commissioned by a photographer and model respectively. As I plan to create the hair or make-up looks myself on each of these shoots, it’s imperative for my own portfolio that I use different outfits… herein lies my (cash flow) problem… bridal outfits are damned expensive!

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With every problem comes a solution…

Right now I’m thinking “I’m gonna pop some tags, got $20 in my pocket…” yes, stylists often do a Macklemore and head to charity shops to source English bridal dresses. Great! Problem solved…

But what about the Asian bridal outfits? You spend thousands of pounds on your ideal wedding dress for your big day. You take a ton of photos, eat some cake, go on honeymoon… and then what?  Asian Bridal outfits aren’t usually the sort of outfit you can rock up to any old party wearing. For a start, don’t even think about wearing it to your best friends’ wedding. If your outfit, as a guest, is more banging than hers, you will never hear the end of it.

Hmm… if only there was a similar thrift store for Asian bridal outfits. Ah wait! But there is!

What happens to the bridal outfit you spent months choosing, and minutes wearing? Many brides are turning to eBay to get these pre-owned, pre-loved, rarely worn stunners into cash. We’re talking designer pieces from Mona Vora, Variety Silk House, Sache… and many of Wembley & Southalls finest names in bridal couture… but at less than half the price!


ebay lengha


I stumbled upon a vast array of amazing (and not so amazing) bridal outfits on eBay last week. Hell yeah! Poppin tags! Head over to eBay’s store for Bridal Lengha’s ( and here are just some of the stunning designers you may find at knock down prices. Yes, these are pre-owned and worn outfits, but most have been worn once, that is, on the joyous occasion of another brides dream wedding. And for a few hours at most.

As a stylist, you can choose to splash out and buy one of these amazing outfits for your shoots, and then re-sell on eBay once your shoot is over.

My question to you is… would you buy your bridal outfit from eBay if it meant you could get the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price? Or would you insist on something unique for your big day?