I came across this on Facebook last week. Fond memories came flooding back.

On a serious note, how did we parents become so obsessed with keeping our children entertained 24/7? Back in the day parents were more chilled out, and us kids were more creative and spent hours making their own fun & games.

In my family, we have non-tech time on weekend afternoons as much as possible. Remove tv and computer/ tablet distractions and all of a sudden my childrens imagination and creativity come alive again.

This is an impromptu phone snap from a year ago. I left the kids with Lego on the table and went to put my washing out. I came back to find my kiddoes had taken the dining chair cushions off and started a frog/ lilypad challenge.

Their version of ‘leapfrog’

They started off with the cushions in a square and stepped from one to the other. After each round, they moved the cushions further out and stepped/ jumped from one to the next. This little game kept them busy for a good hour or so… while the tv was ignored (their choice) and Lego stayed untouched on the table.

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time playing old-school board games. This was basically my childhood. My Ammu had amassed an awesome collection of board games for me, my 2 sisters and bro-ski. Our friends and cousins used to look forward to coming over to ours for a mammoth board game sesh.

The board game revival in my house was triggered by a rainy day visit to our local community library. Once a publicly funded council library, it is now staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by the local community. We wandered along on a wet half term afternoon.

B (6yo), niece, I (8yo)

Once inside, we had a quick wander round the shelves but the kids went straight for the board games and comfy sofa area. After a quick game of Grabbit Rabbit (like spoons but with Easter bunnies), B, my 6 yr old chose Monopoly (it was the Bristol Edition, of course). The four of us sat down and they listened excitedly but attentively as I explained the aim of the game and the rules.

An hour flew by and it was soon closing time. Cue disappointed sighs “Aww, hometime already?” and calls of “Ammu, can we buy it for home, please, please, please?”

So… I bought their own for Eid. B was just as excited by the Monopoly I bought for Eid as he was for the Yokai-Watch Nintendo DS game his dad bought for Eid.

It’s official. Board games are cool again.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Cluedo is strictly speaking an 8 yrs+ game but B did really well for a 6yo. It’s now a firm family favourite… and he’s held his own against us, even winning a few games.

To the parent that bought this as a bday gift last November… I love you. Totally. The kids love it.

A mother-daughter-time or mother-son-time fave.

Sometimes my kids just want one-on-one time with me while the other is doing a solo activity. More often than not, out come the playing cards. There are so many card games to teach them and many more for us to learn together. It’s not always the big trips that the children will remember when they talk about their childhood in 20 years. I hope it will be the quality time spent with their Ammu that they talk about as adults, as me & my, now adult, siblings do.


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