Who doesn’t love a bit of Gossip Girl… the style, the hot guys, the one-liners and put-downs, and of course, Chuck Bass. I’ve been revisiting the show [yes, all 6 series] on Netflix and loving it. Funnily enough my least favourite character from the show was Blake Lively’s Serena… I was #teamBlair all the way. But as reality is always better than fiction, I do love Blake Lively, and fully approve of her long-standing relationship with L’Oreal.

While the L’Oreal Color Riche true reds line is a good few years old, I hadn’t really given it much attention, as I’ve been rocking matte liquid lips for the past few years. To be honest, I am so annoyed that I overlooked this little gem for so long.

When I started temping for L’Oreal in early January, I had to wear a lipstick from the current L’Oreal range. I’ve been rocking nudes for most of December, and felt like a bit of rouge was in order. My eyes were immediately drawn to the reds, and while I don’t usually like celeb-endorsed makeup or fragrance, I was really impressed with the formula and pigment.

Blake’s Red was the one that really caught my eye, as it is a true ruby red, that reminded me a lot of my favourite MAC lippy, Ruby Woo, but with a more budget-friendly price tag.The formula is really creamy but still very matte. It contains jojoba oil to moisturise while the pure pigment gives the beautiful even colour.

I bought it just before my shift started and put it on straight from the bullet without liner. The colour was perfectly even and nicely hydrating. It lasted well all day, with just a little touch up in the centre of my lips after lunch. There was a little colour bleed around my upper lip line, and I suddenly realised that I am getting older. It’s the first time I’ve had a lipstick bleed, but as you age (yep, guys and dolls, I’m in my mid-thirties and starting to see the first signs of ageing), your lip line does soften and lose it’s crispness.

Luckily for me, I had a host of red lip liners that I bought in the Kiko sale. One of these was just the perfect shade of red for Blake’s Red. I paired Blake’s Red with Kiko’s Intensively Lavish Lip Pencil in shade 03 which is an almost perfect match. To add longevity, I lined my lips then filled in with the lip pencil before applying Blake’s Red over the top. This lasted all day, a full 10 hours, no touch-ups, even after lunch. Woo-yay!


I noticed that Revlon also have a one-size fits-all red lip, called Love Is On, launched last Autumn. I swatched this against Blake’s Red in store and the red tones were nearly identical. The only difference is in the finish. Blake’s Red was more of a creamy matte, and Revlon’s Love Is On is more like Ruby Woo in texture. For tone, pigment, and finish, then Blake’s Red is a winner!