Piercing eyes. Check.
Long glossy locks. Check.
Chiselled cheekbones. Check.
Best bride of 2012… Undoubtedly.


I’ve never really been a fan of Kareena’s acting work and I’ve never really paid attention to her looks either. I do get a little frustrated with the fashion and beauty press commentary on her ‘boring’ signature kohl-rimmed eye look. If it works for her, then rock it.

Personally I think that it’s right to have a signature look that’s easy to DIY without the glam squad. That’s exactly what she does.

That said, I do give my respect to Kareena when she does step out of her comfort zone. She has experimented with different looks on magazine shoots and press campaigns.

It’s when I saw these images that I woke up to why fans and industry admirers rave about her beauty. Strip away the kohl and Kareena really has stunning features.

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Here’s one of my favourite Kareena looks as featured in my latest piece for DESIblitz (Bollywood Beauty – Kareena Kapoor).

 Kareena purple/ green look

Unfortunately I couldn’t show a photo step by step on the DESIblitz piece, so here it is just for you on EyeSpyBeauty.


Here’s how to re-create it yourself.

  1. Prepare & prime your skin with moisturiser/ primer.
  2. Apply light coverage foundation. Starting from the centre of the face and blending outwards.
  3. Cover any imperfections with concealer.
  4. Dust face with translucent powder to set the foundation/ concealer.
  5. Apply cream eye shadow in a neutral shade all over the eyelids. This will help the powder shadows stay in place.
  6. Take a purple powder shadow and apply all over the lid with a flat eye shadow brush.
  7. Take a small smudge brush (or a cotton bud) and apply green powder shadow under the eyes. Start from outer edge and work inwards, stopping about two –thirds along.
  8. Apply any black shadow to the outer corners of the eyelid, and blend into the purple shadow.
  9. Use the remaining black shadow on the brush to line the outer-third of the lower lash line, blending with the green shadow.
  10. Apply a shimmery highlighter on the under-eye from inner corner until it meets the green shadow liner.
  11. Apply concealer under the eyes to neutralise any dark circles. Set with translucent face powder.
  12. Fill in brows with a soft brow pencil and brush through to soften the look.
  13. Curl lashes and add a coat of mascara.
  14. Add a soft pink blusher to outer edge of cheekbones, to contour slightly. Kareena often wears heavy contouring, but a lighter contour is fresher for 2013.
  15. Apply a nude pink or peach lip colour to lips. Finish with a dab of gloss in the centre of lips.

Give it a go yourself and post your images below. I’d love to see them!

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