When these lip brushes were first released 2 years ago, they were priced at £15 for the set of three. Having used these at a lip art workshop taught by Karla herself, I knew that I liked the brushes.

However, £5 each felt a bit much, given that they are only a little better than the existing offerings from Crown Brush. When I saw that they had been re-priced at £9.99, albeit temporarily, I snapped them up, as I could do with a few more lip detail brushes.



How best to use each brush is nicely explained on Karla’s website:

KL1: The Filling Brush. A traditional lip brush with a rounded tip and firm point, designed to enable even application of all lip products, with precision focus for rapidly filling the lips. The bevelled shape allows for accurate lining of the lips without compromising on coverage.

KL2: The Precision Brush. A softer, more absorbent brush which produces an even, thin and perfectly straight line when defining the lips; eliminating the need for a lip pencil. The flat, precision angle is designed to line the lips before filling with the KL1 brush.

KL3: The Cupid ’s bow Brush. This sharply-angled brush works to neatly trace the Cupid ’s bow, defining the lip shape and creating a fuller pout, whilst preventing product from bleeding into the skin.



I’m not a massive fan of KL1 as a filling in brush, as I prefer to use the side of the precision brush, but I do often use it to add a touch of gloss to the centre of the lips. My most-used lip brushes are the KL2, which I use for lining and filling, and KL3 which I use for running concealer around the bottom lip line to tidy up and define the lower lip.

The brushes wash up well, even washing out OCC Lip Tar well without absorbing product into the bristles. That’s a bonus for me, as I almost always use Lip Tars as a base colour for brides before applying lipstick or gloss on top.

If you can snap these up at £9.99, I definitely think they’re worth it. They’re probably still worth it at £15, if you use them in the way intended.