These videos have been floating around for ages. I don’t follow many beauty influencers and so they have gone under my radar and escaped my ire.

The video I saw this morning (I will not link it here and I have now stopped following that make-up artist) proposes using a diy nose pore mask of PVA glue and activated charcoal as a cheaper alternative to Bioré Nose Pore Strips.

​For fucks sake, people! NEVER put PVA glue on your face. 
I have no personal vendetta against beauty influencers. That said, as a working beauty professional, I couldn’t let this bad advice go by without saying something. 

Either stop being a tight ass and buy Bioré Pore strips or use a cheaper Charcoal mask without the diy peel-off shit (see my cheaper suggestion below). 

Why? The chemicals in PVA glue are non-toxic and safe when used as intended, i.e. to glue paper and card etc but if you get some on your fingers it is gentle enough not to burn, peel off skin on your fingers or have any other side effects ON YOUR FINGERS. 

The skin on your face is much thinner and more delicate than on your hands. You have no idea whether your skin will inflame, get irritated otherwise react to the glue. It could be dangerous for your individual skin conditions/ type.

There are sfx glues you can safely apply and that are tested for use on facial areas. They’re expensive for a reason,  they’ve been safety tested. Not suitable if you’re looking for a cheap diy.

In any case, a diy charcoal mask (activated charcoal, fullers earth, rosewater – all available fairly cheap from beauty stores) will draw impurities and black head clogs to the surface. When you sponge the mask off or rinse off with wet hands, the surface impurities will get washed away with the mask. So you can get rid of blackheads,  safely and cheaply  WITHOUT USING PVA GLUE. 

Unsafe practices by these sodding YouTube influencers is so out of hand that it is now becoming seriously dangerous. 

The YouTuber I saw this morning is not the first to advocate this but I don’t follow the others, and so they’re not on my radar. (I no longer follow her either now). I have zero-tolerance for YouTube influencers that dish out bad advice when they run out of meaningful content.

My message to influencers that advocate  these potentially harmful videos for popularity is…
…WAKE THE FUCK UP! Get over yourself. Put your ego aside and do proper research on safe beauty techniques.

Go back to school or other legitimate research on safe solutions to beauty problems. If you can’t or won’t learn safe techniques then you shouldn’t be abusing your popularity and posting bat-shit crazy things like this.