Here’s the second in my Wednesday weekly inspiration insights. Last week was a colour inspiration, Cobalt (find it here), and this week my inspiration has come from a fantastic MUA and a legend, Alex Box, Creative Director of Illamasqua.

Alex Box: MUA Legend
Illamasqua’s motto is “We are colour, you are beauty”.
I love colour. I dress like a rainbow and love a statement lip.
Illamasqua’s Creative Director Alex Box takes colour to a whle new level. I am a colour n00b in comparison… not even n00b, I’m a colour zygote… yeah… that’s about right.
Anyway, random analogies aside, Alex’s work inspires me to do more. To be more. To truly bring out my creative side. I’ve never been an ‘arty’ person. I’m awful at art. But I can do makeup, that’s a form of art. So what’s stopping me being more creative?
I am tentatively playing with my creative side at home in the safety and comfort of my room. I need to get outside of that comfort zone. But how?
While succombing to the AMAZING Illamasqua sale last week, I spotted a link on their website for makeup classes. I am always nervous about trying new classes before getting real peoples views. So I reached out to my Twitter-base and got a wealth of responses from lovely ladies & gents, telling me what the Illamasqua courses they attended did for them.
So I’m sold. As soon as I have saved a little more money (target – April) I’ll be booking onto some Illasamsqua courses to help give me the confidence to really shine as a creative makeup artist. I’m leaning towards the Experimental Colour Workshop and either Perfecting Eye Design or the Building Creativity courses, so I had better start saving.
Outside of my comfort zone? Yes. Impossible? No