As a member of the deaf & hard of hearing community, I lipread and can finger spell to supplement my lipreading. I have yet to learn sign language. I am in a uniquely privileged position in that I am fully hearing in one ear, while almost completely deaf in the other. I have struggled to find my place, but have been welcomed by the deaf & hard of hearing community.

My personal interest in the hard of hearing community and my position as a Muslimah mother of two young children makes this the perfect first step to increase awareness of the deaf & hard of hearing community. My children have always embraced those with disabilities, both visible and hidden, and have been wanting to learn sign language for a little while now. This book piqued their interest and they have taken their first steps in learning to sign.

Who are Amin and Yasmin?

They are  brother-sister duo that brought us this…

A personal message from Amin via my brother requesting him to partake in the above video was my first introduction to the pair and the project itself.

When I heard that Amin & Yasmin would be exhibiting and selling their books at the BMCS Islamic Cultural Fayre in my home town, I made sure to stop by and buy a few copies. Between my sisters and I, we bought 5 copies. One for each of us/ our children, and one each for their respective schools as a gift.

The book for my children, signed below, was supposed to be one of their Eid gifts… however my daughter found it in my shopping and started reading and learning straight away. She has learned how to do each of the movements and is now learning them by heart.

The book itself contains colourful drawings and descriptions of the BSL signs for common everyday Islamic words. They are easy to read, and attract the attention of young readers. Some of the signs are harder to learn than others but the descriptions and images make it easier to pick up.

The book is a sturdy hardcover, with high quality colourful illustrations by illustrator Rahima Begum. The book opens with a page showing the finger-spelling alphabet for readers to learn and practise. There are 40 different signs in the book and 5 bonus ‘everyday’ signs. The overall look and feel of the book is high quality and one that can be enjoyed by the young and the old alike.

These books are just the first in the series, and my children & I are very much looking forward to what is to come.

A-Z of Islamic Signs by Amin and Yasmin is available to buy priced £10 from Amazon.

A-Z of Islamic Signs in BSL [affiliate link]

Non-affiliate link here.