In my early twenties, when I first started colouring my hair various tones of mahogany and red, John Frieda’s radiant red shampoo/ conditioner was my go-to product for glossy locks.

After using it and loving it for 2 or 3 years, it suddenly disappeared from the shelves in my local Boots, Superdrug, Tesco… everywhere. Sad times. The Brilliant Brunette and Sheer Blonde ranges were everywhere, but I couldn’t get hold of Radiant Red. *sniff sniff*

It seems to have regained popularity and it’s been available again since 2011, where have I been?

I was browsing the shelves in Superdrug, Ilford and spotted the familiar red packaging. To add to my excitement, there was a special offer, two for £6.99 (£4.99 each).

Having recently coloured my hair again (more of a violet-red combination) I am looking forward to seeing whether the Radiant Red shampoo is as good as I remember. Let’s hope so.

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